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  1. srinaath

    Arcing in electrical relay contacts due to different types of loads

    Arcing in a contact occurs due to open and close action of the switch. I am curious if the arc intensity depends on the type of load. For example the arcing (arc intensity) due to induction load will be greater than arcing due to resistive load?
  2. shushi

    Novice question about Relays, Capacitors, and Diodes

    Hello, In regards to this relay, TQ2SA-1.5V Panasonic 2 Form C AS Single side stable, 1.5VDC 2A DPDT NON-LATCHING SMD Relay Link to Relay PDF 1 of Relay PDF 2 of Relay (specifically pages 5-6) is attached at the bottom as a pdf file. I was previously told that I would need to wire a IN4001...
  3. adamaero

    Replacing two corresponding switches as one with AND-gates

    Homework Statement So this is not homework or an assignment, but usually my questions get moved here anyway. This is from a project I'm working on for my job. A user can choose between DPDT functionality (so having "SensorI" be a doorway that goes up and down, reverse) or add another sensor in...
  4. srinaath

    Current rating for an electromechanical contactor

    I have a elctromechanical contactor (contactor is an electrically operated switch - It is larger version of relay) which has following specification, Inductive full load current - 30A Resistive full load current - 40A Why is rated inductive current less than rated resistive current?
  5. sn9434

    Insulation on relay

    I have Microsemi BR246-S0233. As is, the resistance between the X2 (GND) and signal line (e.g. A2) is OL. However, when I power it up (X1 = 25VDC), leave it for 5 minutes and power off, then straight away measure the resistance between X2 (GND) and the signal line A2, the resistance is now...
  6. H

    Alternative to a relay

    I am carrying out a physics experiment to measure g by free fall using an Arduino. This experiment requires accurate time measurements of upto a millisecond. I am using a relay to turn on/off an electromagnet and there is a maximum lag of 10ms due to the relay. I am a complete beginner. Please...
  7. H

    Motorcycle starter safety circuit

    I don't know if it's the same for a car but bikes uses a starter relay to set off a starter motor which cranks the engine. Bikes have a side stand for you to lean the bike against when stationary. In case the rider tries to start the bike with side stand deployed (could cause crash if forget to...
  8. H

    Why do we need a switch before a relay?

    So in high current circuits which involve say a starter motor in a car we need a starter relay since a normal switch cannot handle the high current flow. I think the reason I'm asking this question is because I don't understand what exactly makes the relay be able to handle the current unlike...
  9. Nikhil N

    What is the meaning of "110V AC / 24 DC relay"?

    I have seen some relays mentioned as 110V AC/ 24V DC relay. Is this means, can I use both 24DC and 110V AC to the coil of relay?
  10. Nikhil N

    Noise due to chattering of relay

    I need to know how to couple noise due to chattering of relay? I have seen the below method to couple. But I want more detailed circuit to do this. Please help me. Also I want to know where the tremendous amount of EMI can be seen ? Is it across the coil of relay?
  11. T

    Electronic component type (what would do this?)

    I was going to make a modem uninteruptable power supply, and I was thinking (possibly over complicated) that I could have a relay with the solenoid that has a potential over the battery bank and the power supply, so there would be near zero volts potential when the power supply was on (and...
  12. H

    How do you read the ratings of a relay?

    Hey guys, hopefully this is the right subforum.. Anyways, I am wondering how to read the ratings of a relay. Here is what I am looking at:
  13. A

    AXIS P1355 Camera I/O + relay to turn on light/garage door

    here is the manual [Broken] see page 61 Notes: i have seen this thread but this camera is a bit different i think as it has digital...
  14. P

    How can I program a switch?

    I want to switch either a standard AC socket or a USB outlet on and off on a programmed cycle. But although there are many consumer-ready timers available to do this at set times of day, programmable to the minute, I want to be able to randomize the cycles and have it programmable to the second...
  15. A

    Opposite NPN transistor

    Hi, I'm looking for a device like a transistor which preforms the opposite. E.g. On an NPN when Base is +0.7V current can flow through the Collector to the Emitter and when the voltage at B is 0V (i.e. a switch connected to base is open) no current will flow from C to E. I want the opposite of...
  16. N

    How to Activate Relay using Transistor?

    The title already said the question of this thread. As I searched the internet, transistors were configured in common-emitter configuration. They also show me that in order to activate the relay, the transistor should be operated in saturation and cut-off mode. How to make my BC547 Transistor...