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Are electron-flow and chemical change inside a dry-cell, separate event?

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    We know that the battery itself is a load and electrons flow through it (through the chemical). In a D.C circuit there is always a certain amount of electron-flow within a given time.
    Let's assume that, the battery used is a dry-cell battery. Now my question is:-
    Does this electron-flow contribute to the chemical change that occurs inside a dry-cell battery? I mean, whether some of the electrons are drawn from the flow and account for the chemical change inside the cell. Or whether electron flow and chemical change inside the battery are distinct event (which may effect each other, but are not same).

    I have posted this question before, but got no answer!
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    None to answer!!
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    It is the chemical reaction in a battery that creates both the potential difference between the terminals and the free electrons to do work.
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