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Are there any similarities between GR tensorial

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    forces (Ricci tensor etc.) which prevent universe from collapsing and
    the tensorial forces of surface tensions which prevent a soap bubble from collapsing?

    Are these two phenomena absolutely incomparable?
    Could someone explain in simple words why?
    I'm new, and a student in quest for knowledge
    Thank you, everybody
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    Thank you Sir, I downloaded the suggested file, but on the face of it it'll take me months (if ever) to digest it.

    Could anyone be so kind and anticipate the answer:
    Are the two systems absolutely incomparable?why?

    My naive view of the problem is that
    soapbubble and universe are like a fully spherical vault ( a vault is semi spherical, an arch is semicircular), in which every element is a Keystone
    and surface tension and gravitation prevent collapse.

    I realize this is silly and not true. My question is " untrue, silly but impossible in principle?"
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