Area 51 Microbiologist Ready To Testify To Congress On Designer Viruses & ETs

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In summary, Dr DAN is seeking immunity from a Congressional Hearing in order to reveal the truth about Area 51 and his projects, which include the Lotus Protocol and Starflower.
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Nommos Prime (Dogon)
Get active Americans!

Let Dr DAN Speak!
Grant him immunity in front of a Congressional Hearing!

Immunity sought for Area 51 Microbiologist;

Photos of Dr DAN;

The guy is REAL, Europa S8 is REAL, Projects “Lotus Protocol” and “Starflower” are REAL!

NEXUS Magazine (Volume 11, No. 4, June/July 2004), also has a great article on Dr DAN…
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I actually support the disclosure of this. I support all kinds of crazy military research that would cause all kinds of bad stuff, but viral warfare is not in those lines.
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The revealing of his signature will also prove that Burisch is indeed a Ph.D. level microbiologist -- a title that was erased when he was inducted into his present covert operation. That erasure was so complete that one could hardly find evidence that Danny B Catselas Burisch ever lived if it were not for the Internet and private sharing of documents of evidence. Catselas was his father's last name. He had his name legally changed to Burisch with a recent marriage to a woman by that last name, who is also a principal in the covert operations.
Good for an early mornig chuckle - thanks.
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russ_watters said:
Good for an early mornig chuckle - thanks.
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<<<Shakes Head>>> When will people get a clue?

Good for an early mornig chuckle - thanks.

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What is Area 51?

Area 51 is a highly classified United States Air Force facility located in the Nevada desert. It is rumored to be a testing site for experimental aircraft and weapons, and has been the subject of many conspiracy theories.

Who is the microbiologist ready to testify to Congress?

The microbiologist in question has not been publicly named, but it is reported that they have worked at Area 51 and have knowledge about designer viruses and extraterrestrial life.

What are designer viruses?

Designer viruses are genetically engineered viruses that are created in a laboratory for specific purposes, such as disease research or biological warfare.

What is the connection between designer viruses and ETs?

There is no confirmed connection between designer viruses and extraterrestrial life. However, some conspiracy theories suggest that Area 51 is involved in studying and creating viruses from extraterrestrial sources.

Why is this microbiologist testifying to Congress?

The microbiologist has reportedly come forward with information about their work at Area 51, and may have insights into the potential dangers and ethical implications of designer viruses and ETs. They may also have information about the government's involvement in these areas.

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