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Arndol's ordinary differential equation

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    anyone know anything?
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    heres a refview from amazon.com:

    Reviewer: A reader
    Be aware there are 2 versions of this book
    available in English; this one from MIT press
    is (contrary to one of the reviews above) is
    translated from the *first* Russian edition;
    there is another version from Springer-Verlag
    translated from the *third* Russian edition.
    They're translated by different people so
    some wording etc is different but otherwise
    they're similar, though not identical. The
    later edition has some reworked passages
    and modest amount of new material, but it's
    not a hugely different book.
    Both are excellent, are are all the other
    books & papers I've seen by V.I. Arnol'd.
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