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[ASK]What IC can display A-F to 7-segment LED

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    guys, you just created a circuit a BCD 4bits Full adder but in my case i just need a 3bits-3bits addition so that i set the A4 to 0 by default...

    i used 7483 for 4bits full adder and connect it to a 7447 BCD to 7-segment

    A4A3A2A1 + B43B2B1

    A4 & B4 are set to 0

    so 7 is the maximum value in one input..

    my problem is when A+B = greater 9....i need to display a real letter A-F not the default light up of 7447


    101(5) + 101(5) = A (bit letter A)
    110(6) + 101(5) = b (small letter b)
    111(7) + 101(5) = C (big letter C)
    110(6) + 111(7) = d (small letter d)
    111(7) + 111(7) = E (small letter E)

    but in default in 7447

    111(7) + 111(7) = inverted big letter F...

    is there an IC which can convert 10-15 to A-F in 7segment led?

    or just another IC which can configure 7447?

    ~help me please
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Instead of "BCD to 7-segment display driver", try Googling Hex to 7-segment display driver...
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    ok, i see an IC, but im not sure if it is the IC i need...


    im studying its datasheet right now, thx btw...

    ~yes i am new here in PF, thx for welcoming...Overwhelming...^_^
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