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  1. N

    Composite signal generation IC in DIFAR Sonobuoys

    Hi all I came to know about an old IC called probably "HE100" which was being used in DIFAR Sonobuoys for generation of composite signal. This IC takes 'Omni', 'Sin and Cosine Dipoles' signals as input and generates composite signals using internally generated 7.5 KHz and 15 KHz carriers. This...
  2. camerart

    Hybrid vehicle IC engine.

    Hi, Have you ever tried to invent anything? Long ago, as a school boy after learning about internal combusion engines, I 'invented' a rotary engine. (It had actually been invented in the 19th century) My dad said "If Fords can't do then you can't" So I stopped. Years later I learned about...
  3. cemtu

    Ways to test a switching IC like TOP266EG with a multimeter?

    What are the ways to test a switching IC TOP266EG with a multimeter?(measuring it outside of card circuit)(after uninstalling the component from the card) Link to the datasheet: TOP266EG Datasheet(PDF) - Power Integrations, Inc. (alldatasheet.com) Here is the DATASHEET picture: TOP266EG IC...
  4. N

    Using delicate 5V IC to toggle 12V device with MOSFET, Diode, resistor

    Hey all, I have a 5v IC that is triggered by a sensor to unlock the 12v lock, I am using a NPN transistor as a switch with the 5v VCC as the gate, I need it to sink back to the GND of the IC without blowing it, is this safe? If not what changes would you suggest, it has been years since I've had...
  5. V

    Energy transformations in an IC engine cylinder

    A drop of fuel is ignited in an engine cylinder, that produces heat, light and sound energies from the chemical energy stored in the drop of oil. What I am not clear about is how heat energy gets transformed into mechanical work? I think the heat energy produced from ignition flows from burnt...
  6. P

    Engineering Analyzing the internal circuitry of IC 741 Op-Amp step by step

    Here is the internal circuit of a 741 op-amp - Here is a HSpice model I found in the educational section - Both are essentially the same, keeping aside subtle differences. I am yet to understand the technicalities of an op-amp, so I would like to analyze the circuit using the first picture...
  7. B

    Automotive Two IC Engines: Comparing Torque Curves

    Hello there , hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me . let's say you have two IC engines . all variables are the same . Engine A has a completely flat torque curve at 500’ lbs to 550’ lbs . Engine B has a torque curve that starts out at 450’lbs but gradually makes its way to 650’...
  8. H

    Need replacement advise for KA3525A IC

    Hi! I need to replace KA3525A IC because I damaged mine with shorted potentiometer. I have question: I also has KH52AD marking on it. Is this also important? I can find KA3525A from aliexpress but KH52AD doesn't seem to show this unit. And when I search for KA3525A, also SG3525A seems to show...
  9. trurle

    Explosion of 74HC14 IC in Old Stock

    Recently i am trying to put in use a stock of old 74x series microchips manufactured around ~2000 AD. Unfortunately, one of microchips 74HC14 (hex schmitt trigger inverter) in SOIC-14 package have exploded in test setup in the moment the power was applied. Loud "popping" sound, flash of blue...
  10. M

    Are these internal combusion (IC) engine claims physically possible?

    For the most part, I ignore seeming cranks on other platforms, but the persistence - and insistence - of one who keeps claiming what looks to be physically impossible attributes of his ICE engine finally triggered my "Okay, I'll ask some experts." His written posts are along the lines of this...
  11. R

    Signal Distribution ICs - 200-300V Input, Output Port Selection

    I'm looking for a class of IC's which takes a high voltage signal (200-300V) as input and then distribute it to one of the output ports I choose to use through the other input ports. It's awkward but I can't find anything out because I don't know which keywords I need to use.
  12. Benjamin_harsh

    What would happen if the flywheel is not used in an IC Engine?

    What would happen if flywheel is not installed to IC Engine? Does it have serious consequences?
  13. V

    Find the Acceleration and Distance from the Output of an Accelerometer Sensor

    My question is kindof related to physics, as I have an Accelerometer sensor through which I am able to get the sensor data as following: x = 192 y = 433 z = -453 I need to convert these values in such a way so that It will share Acceleration in cm or meters, And also what concept I should use...
  14. A

    Best multiple/many individual MOSFET driver IC?

    I have a need for a driver ic, here is what I want to do. I have several (10) mosfets of the IRPF type if I remember correctly with the TO-220 type package, I would need a driver with which I can switch those mosfets on and off one at a time in such an order that at least two fets are on at the...
  15. mheruian

    Understand the Current Consumption of an IC in its Datasheet

    << Mentor Note -- Thread moved to the EE forum >> Hi, I'm new here and maybe this is the best section where I could need help :) I've been interested in electronics lately (not schooling anymore, more on self-study, but I'm not that smart, just a dedicated one and i can't understand everything...
  16. D

    Real IC Engine Inertial Data?

    Does anyone know of a source, on the Internet preferably, for component inertial data for a real IC engine? In particular, what I'd like to obtain (for some real engine, any engine) are these items: 1. Piston weight (including wrist pin) 2. Cylinder bore dimension 3. Connecting rod length...
  17. A

    IC Physical Design Software Inquiry

    For a traditional circuit simulator, like the free and open source versions of SPICE (i.e. ngspice), it seems to me that they can technically all simulate the same kinds of circuits. Assuming you had a portable SPICE model (either written in SPICE or compiled with ADMS), you could simulate the...
  18. Pushoam

    I Understanding DC Load Line and its Relationship with VCE & IC

    I didn't understand the following: The relationship between ##V_{CE} ## and ##I_C## is linear. In active region, even if the ##V_{CE}## increases, ##I_C## remains almost same for a given ##I_B##. So, how can the relation between the two can be linear? Can anyone tell me the utility of the...
  19. Akmalidin

    Help with LM2596 IC Burnout Issue

    Hi, I have been using lm2596 recently for my project and encountered weird issue with it. I am using it to step down the voltage from my bike dynamo which is 16v down to 5V for my front and back tail lights. But it is getting burned I guess when I ride the bike and I had 3 times changed the...
  20. AilingLore21

    Having trouble forming an equation on 2 bit subtractor

    Homework Statement We are asked to make a subtractor circuit which has a 2 bit, 2 input data. Homework Equations A1A0 _ B1B0 _________________________________The Attempt at a Solution I would have a 3 bit output with one borrow. The problem is I am stuck at this point and am having...
  21. C

    Engineering Importance of IC design/SemiConductor Physics in EE

    Hello, I was wondering how important is knowledge of CMOS IC design and Semiconductor physics for EE if you're not interested in working in that area? In particular, I am focusing on signal processing, control with some RF/Electromagnetics courses. My interest isn't in IC design and so I am...
  22. E

    Solving for Vc, Vb, Ve, Ib, Ic and Ie

    Homework Statement Find Vc, Vb, Ve, Ib, Ic, and Ie Vbe is 0.7V Homework Equations KVL The Attempt at a Solution Vb = (10*30k)/(80k) = 3.75V Ve = Vb-Vbe = 3.05V Ie = Ve/Re = 0.305A Icmax = 10/(1010) = 9.9mA Ie is much greater than 9.9mA, so this circuit is saturated. Is this correct?
  23. E

    Find Vc, Vb, Ve, Ib, Ic, and Ie: 0.7V Vbe

    Homework Statement Find Vc, Vb, Ve, Ib, Ic, and Ie Vbe for all circuits is 0.7V Homework Equations KVL The Attempt at a Solution Vc = 10V Ib = (Vcc-Vbe)/(Rb + (Beta+1)Re) = 9.3/(105100) = 0.0885mA Ic = Beta*IB = 4.425mA Ie = Ic + Ib = 4.5135mA Ve = IeRe = 0.45135V Vb = Ve + Vbe = 1.15135V...
  24. Philosophaie

    A Types and Common Names of NGC/IC objects

    How o you find the Names of the types of NGC/IC objects: Classifications: G, GiP, GiG, PN, EmG, ISM, Sy2, rG, IG, etc. ex. PN = Planetary Nebula Also is there a database that contains the Common Names of these NGC/IC objects: ex. Pinwheel Galaxy or Blue Snowball Planetary Nebula.
  25. Y

    Desolder and solder IC with power pad under

    Hi I need to find a rework station to desolder and solder IC with power pad under the IC. What I mean is IC with a metal contact at the bottom that you solder onto the ground plane on the pcb for better heat conduction. Thanks
  26. P

    Certificate program in IC design or Master's in IC design?

    Hello everyone, I have a BS in EE and a BS in physics and I am wrapping up my MSE in electrical engineering from a large university in the southwest. My MSE concentration is semiconductor devices. I don't know anything about IC design really, but I would like to somehow break into the field...
  27. T

    Understanding operation of specific SMPS example (is it a flyback?)

    I don't have much spear time at the moment, but I came across a SMPS diagram in this thread: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/quick-question-about-inverter-tx-order-wrt-mains.870309/ And I was trying to figure it out, and I don't want to forget about it before I do. So I was wondering if...
  28. kolleamm

    Soldering small pins on IC to a board

    I need some guidance on how to solder those tiny IC pins to their electronics board. I have seen some videos on YouTube where they basically slide the iron across the pins and they all solder perfectly without any bridging between them. How is this possible? Is there a capillary force involved...
  29. T

    Should Unused Inputs in a Quad 2 Input NOR Gate IC be Tied to Ground or Vcc?

    I have a quad 2 input NOR gate ic in which I am only using two of the four gates. I have read on the internet that unused inputs must be tied to ground. But if I tie these inputs to ground then I would get a one on the output. Will that draw excessive current ?, should I tie them to Vcc instead...
  30. jdawg

    Find IA, IB, IC, I1, I2, V0, VA Solutions

    Homework Statement Find IA, IB, IC, I1, I2, V0, VA Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution (V0/10) = IA-IB For IA: 10v + 10(IA+IC) + (IA-IB)=0 11(IA) - (IB) + 10(IC) = -10v For IB: -(IB-IA) - 20(IB+IC) - 10(IB) = 0 IA - 31(IB) - 20(IC) = 0 For IC: 10(IA+IC) -...
  31. S

    Engineering Digital or Analog IC for a person with digital bias

    Hi PF, I can't decide which path I should go down in terms of my focus. I really love digital hardware from FPGAs to doing IC layouts, I also enjoy the trade-offs involved in making a computer architecture. I also like analog circuits with things like mosfets and opamps. I think it would be...
  32. tendo

    Strong static magnetic field influences on IC

    Does anyone have any papers or materials on how strong static magnetic field (7 to 12 Tesla) influence BJT and MOSFETS? I didn't find many people doing research on this. All I find is some experiment results. It seems transistor parameters change a lot with different azimuth angle due to Hall...
  33. B

    Abnormal low current from JK flip flop IC at toggle mode

    Hello, I am building a prototype of a balance indicator to prevent farm quadbike to roll on steep hills. I am using an arduino pro mini and 2 sets of assignable strips of 8 leds (https://www.adafruit.com/products/1426) and a gyro-accelerometer sensor. To power it, I am using the farm motor bike...
  34. T

    555 timer IC - Calculating resistance needed

    Voltage = 9.0 V, Current = 20 mA, Capacitor (C) = 10 microF, Resistance before (too high) [R_A = R_B] = 10 k Ohms. In a a-stable oscillator, calculating the resistance needed for two resistors (R_A = R_B) to discharge and charge a capacitor (C) so that a LED does not blow. Currently my circuit...
  35. P

    UC Berkeley Extension program for IC design or semicon tech

    Hello everyone, I graduated with a BSEE in 2008 and tried a PhD program in EE (semicon device specialization) for a while but it didn't work out. I struggled with an illness that forced me to drop out. I have been working in industry (NOT The semicon industry) since leaving the PhD program...
  36. B

    Hi there, i have a question on maximum current inputs of IC

    hi there..i have a question...back at my work, we have a power supply which have a variable current and a variable voltage...my senior said, he have a ic board to check, and then he uses a 5 volt supply with unknown current on it to power up this board, he then claims that you can supply the...
  37. S

    Analog IC Industry these days

    Im trying to pursue a M.S degree on analog IC design and want to know how good is the market for analog IC designers these days in North America and/or Europe. Also, is a M.S enough to do well in this area or should I think about getting a PhD ?
  38. C

    Understanding NPN BJT Transistor: Ic & Ib Ratios

    Hi i have have a small question regrading to a NPN BJT transistor. the DC current gain (beta) is the ratio between Ic/Ib where Ic and Ib are the collector and base currents respectively. Ib is the input current, that's alright , but, i don't get why Ic considered as the output? in NPN BJT...
  39. S

    IC Engine Question -- Starting sequence for 4-stroke engine

    Hi , Everyone… one very general question regarding ic engine is suppose our vehical (Ic engine) Is at rest ,and we are ready to start vehical , when we kicked the kick By our legs then there is compression stroke..,right?, then when air fuel mixture is sucked in cylinder ( When there is...
  40. adoion

    IC temperature sensitivity?

    How sensitive are ICs to temperature? I recently replaced a digital signal processor IC (IC:cxd3098aq) Sony made on a PlayStation 2 and while doing so I heated the chip first to remove it, then I re-balled all the pads and then put the new chip on the pads applied some flux in the form of paste...
  41. T

    Question Regarding IC pin numbering and logic gates

    Homework Statement http://i.imgur.com/k8nq4HZ.jpg So I need to assign IC pin numbers to the input and output of the logic gates.Homework Equations None The Attempt at a Solution I only have limited knowledge on integrated circuits as a whole, so I'm pretty confused altogether. I know that I...
  42. S

    Please help need to fire relay with IC

    Hi guys I'm new here and need map some help. I have built a simple circuit with a cd4017 IC. The circuit works perfectly and has led connected to it. However I want to connect much larger load to it. A relay is the obvious answer but I'm not getting enough current from the IC to fire the relay...
  43. A

    Improving IC Engine Efficiency: Reducing Heat Loss Through Cylinder Walls

    hi.I would like to know something about the IC engine.I just read an article.It said that 30% efficiency is gone through conduction of heat by the cylinder wall.If it is reason for one of the efficiency loss why can't we build an cylinder coated with a material that is non conduction.So only...
  44. G

    TTL - Is there a logic gate or IC that does this?

    So this summer I plan on taking a long break from my arduino and learning some more 'ancient' and fun stuff. I plan on learning to use and make different circuits using TTL's. I have read a bit on it and learned on the basic logic gates like(using '/' as separator for the reverse) n/and,n/or...
  45. M

    Checking IC / Logic Gates?

    Hello,IS there any way to check IC [AND NOT OR gate] for errors ? Is there any method for it ?
  46. X

    Wave equation and odd extension with constant IC

    Solve U_xx=U_tt with c=1. Dirchlet boundary conditions U(x,0)=1 for 5<x<7 U(x,0)=0 for everywhere else U_t(x,0)=0 I know that by taken an odd extension I can get rid of the boundary condition and then solve the initial value problem using the d'alembert solution and only care for x>0...
  47. P

    Using CD4007 IC for Single Stage MOSFET Amplifiers

    I have to implement CD,CS,CG MOSFET amplifiers. I have discrete IC's such as 2N4351 and BS170. I also have CD4007 IC. How to use CD4007 to implement single stage MOSFET amplifiers. I have seen Datasheet of CD4007, it has 3 NMOS and 3 PMOS transistors connected in cmos fashion. As I will be...
  48. G

    Smaller then expected ic chip

    I was going to start a project making a 16x16 led board( using sainsmart uno r3) and I had bought 2 ic chip w/ 16 I/I ports. But when I got it, they are a lot smaller then usual ic chip I get. Is there some sort of adapter for small to large that can be used in a PC board? Thanks(I'm fairly new...
  49. S

    Temperature & Pressure at Exhaust of IC Engines

    what will be the temperature and pressure at the exhaust of IC engine?