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Programs Associates in ME to bachelors in CS

  1. Sep 19, 2016 #1
    So I've been perusing this associates in ME for the past year and I have one year left until I'm finished. I was thinking about continuing my education in ME at a university but I just recently found an interest in computer science. I've always liked computers, I even programmed a little when I was 10, and I thought about majoring in it when I started college 2 years ago but I changed my mind. I'm now reconsidering it.

    Does anyone thing this would be a stupid decision? I love physics and math and the only thing I'm worried about with CS is that I won't do any physics. I hear that you barely do any physics/problem solving as an engineer but this is from people with entry level positions so they could just not have enough experience.
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    Do engineers do problem solving? That's basically the job description. Do you generally deal with cutting edge physics? No. Do you apply physics during problem solving? That again is the job description.

    As far as switching to computer science, do you have the undergrad prerequisites done for transfer? If you do switching is no big deal, unless you've already applied and choosen a major during the application process. If not, you may not get accepted, and if you do you get accepted, you may be adding another year of study at University.
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