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Astro Physics Project Ideas for my National Science Fair

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    I'm 16 years old and I really want to win my national science fair. I'm fascinated by all things space and I have been addicted to astrophysics ever since my Dad showed me a documentry on the discovery channel when I was ten.

    I was wondering if anyone could put me on the right path and give me suitable ideas that could be completed without needing an international space station at my disposal. The competition is of a very high standard.

    I would be grateful for any input or ideas no matter how big or small.

    Thank you.
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    emshine, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    You’ve posted this in the “General Astronomy” Forum. Notice please, that it would have been more appropriate if it was in the “Astrophysics” Forum.

    Here are a few websites that may give you some ideas:
    http://www.super-science-fair-projects.com/astronomy/astrophysics-based-science-fair-projects.html [Broken]
    http://www.juliantrubin.com/schooldirectory/astronomyresources.html [Broken]

    If during your project you have specific questions or doubts, do come back here and post them. Members here at Physics Forums are always willing to assist a true searcher trying to learn more natural science. Good Luck in the Science Fair!

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    Thank you! Sorry, I didn't see the astro physics section, silly me!
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    The school district in the city I live in has a designated teacher in each high school, and a liaison person at the district, who coordinate science fair activities. They attempt to find mentors in students' areas of interest. The mentors are, variously, volunteers from a company in a related industry, professors or grad students at the local university, etc. One student who studied the strength of bridges was able to work with a civil engineer at the local Dept. of Transportation and to use their hydraulic presses and failure analysis equipment. To start, I suggest you find out whether your school and district have similar resources, and make use of them if they exist.
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    Thank you for your help!

    I recognise this is an American website and I'm actually Irish, so we don't really have any science liaisons or anything like that. I asked my science teacher for help but I think I know more about Astro Physics than he does!

    I have contacted my local University but they don't have anything to help me with the topic I'm interested in.

    That's my main reason for asking this question online. As (I'm presuming your American, apologies if you're not) you have a greater science culture and attitude than in Ireland, I was wondering if you have any advanced ideas that my counterparts wouldn't dream about!

    Thanks again for your input, I'm taking everything on board
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    emshine, Here on Physics Forums we have members and visitors from all around the world. We welcome you.

    Science is Universal. My laser interferometer first operated in California. I moved to Florida and it functioned exactly the same there. Then I moved to Turkey, to Taiwan, and finally to Brasil. Each time I proved that the same scientific laws applied wherever in the world I operated it. Our professors had taught us this and so did our textbooks. But by doing the actual experiment my faith in the universality of the laws grew stronger. Accordingly, the laws that govern Astrophysics ought to apply in Ireland. Since Astrophysicists are found in nearly every country on earth there is no political border that divides these scientists in their work.

    Will you list those parts of Astrophysics that have caught your interest so far?
    What areas would you want to learn more about?
    What books do you have?
    What websites do you use?
    This information may help members here on Physics Forums make suggestions.


    Edit: Here's a site for you: http://www.all-science-fair-projects.com/science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Astrophysics [Broken]
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