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At home engineering fun. disc and rod drum driver

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    I am driving a drum head with a rod. The rod goes up and down as the radius of a disc changes length (please see attached PDF). There is a gradual raise of the drum head, and then an abrupt drop. But there is a kink that the rod needs to overcome.

    Any suggestions on how to achieve this motion?


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    Are you attempting to get that gradual change in the linear motion or do you want a straight cyclical motion? If just a cyclical motion is desired, use a round disk with a peg at some radius from the center. Attach the rod end to the pin. That will give you a smooth cyclical motion.

    If you want that gradual change, how about making the cam a tear drop shape with a generous radius at both ends?
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    There are more complex solutions I can give you, but the simplest thing is to spring load it down and lift it with a reverse disk.
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    I also think the tear/kidney shaped disc is the way to go.

    thanks for all of your suggestions.
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