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Physics Audio and Physics career choices?

  1. Jan 23, 2008 #1

    I want to get a bachelor's in physics and math, with a master's in engineering.... that's the plan, but what I'm really into is high tech audio hardware; monitors, mixers, etc... I'd really like to design this type of technology---does anyone know how I would go about getting to this position, and/or what its called? (Audio engineer is in reference to something totally different)

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    If you're in the U.S., think about the U of Miami (Music Engineering) for undergrad. unfortunately, there aren't the number of schools that deliberately connect engineering (usually EE, but sometimes ME) to audio like they have in Europe.

    if you don't do that, then you probably want to major in Electrical Engineering at a school that also has an audio or music technology program (like UMass/Lowell, but there are others). but the EE department might not be so clued into audio as you want to be, so there might be a lot of self-directed study (you'll have to turn your prof on to whatever interesting thing you want to do with audio).

    if you're into the math, you want to get good at Linear System Theory (sometimes called Signals and Systems), electronics, communications systems, and DSP.

    also, join the Audio Engineering Society as a student member and try to make it to the conventions in NYC or at the Left Coast.

    that's the best i can do for recommendations.
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