Automatic Lid Opener for a Lifting Box

I am new to making mechanical stuffs. I need to create a lifting box which opens its lid while lifting up. I am using a Linear actuator to lift the box. But i am not getting a proper solution on how to open the lid smoothly whole the box is lifted up. Can i get some sugessions.
Please find the attached drawing showing detail of my requirement. I need to lift a box on a wood table, which opens its lid while its lifted. I am able to make the box lifts upwards. Now my requirement is to get a proper solution to smoothly open the lid whole the box is lifted. The lifting will be fast with approx 90mm/s. So the door open solution should be friction less. Can someone please suggest me the best method to get this done. Thanks in advance.



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What is a lifting box? I'm not understanding the drawings so far... Thanks.


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Hello Shabab, ##\qquad## :welcome: ##\qquad## !

I think your requirements might need some additions: can there be brackets or a lever, gears, a wire, etc. showing ? Or must the contraption remain invisible ?

Also, your box rises 8 cm according to the drawing (if I assume dimensions are in mm), so it has to open in 0.9 s !

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