Autotransformer - power transferred by conduction/induction

  1. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Upon finding my max. rated output power, and after finding the power transferred by conduction, can i just use:
    Output power - power transferred by conduction = to get my power transferred by induction?

    or do i have to apply the formula where, S = E1I1 = E2I2?

    3. The attempt at a solution

    I am not sure if i did the question correctly, but in the answer given to me, they used "Output power - power transferred by conduction" to get power by induction. however, when i did my working using the formula "S = E1I1 = E2I2", my answer was different.
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    Hi killerdevil. There is a worked example at the foot of this page that will slay you. :smile:
  4. when they state power transformed, are they referring to the power delivered at by induction? therefore they use power conducted - power transformed = power conducted??
  5. NascentOxygen

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    Let's work it out.

    Their equation is: Power Transformed = Load × (1–K)

    If K=1 you know we would be dealing with a 1:1 turns ratio, and you know for a 1:1 turns ratio that power by induction is going to be zero. What does their equation give for K=1? It says Power Transformed = 0.

    So it looks like "power transformed" is that delivered by transformer action, i.e., by induction. [​IMG]
  6. so when does the equation for conduction comes in? how is induction related to conduction? what is the difference between power delivered by conduction and power delivered by induction?
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    When K=1, you saw that zero power is transformed by induction. Therefore all the power in the load is delivered by conduction directly from the mains--no transformer coil involved.

    What power on the load side isn't due to induction must be due to conduction.
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