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Programs Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) to PhD (Physics)

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    Hello All

    I have done Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) and has 4 years of work-ex in software and hardware industry. I am applying for PhD (Physics) for fall 2012 for Theoretical Physics (High energy / Particle / Nuclear / Quantum physics) My scores:

    Subject GRE (Physics): 940/990
    General GRE (Quant): 800/800
    General GRE (Verbal): 340/800
    General GRE (AWM): 3.0/6.0
    TOEFL iBT: 105/120
    IELTS: 8.0/9.0

    I have no physics educational/research background.

    Could you please suggest me university I can get admit from?

    Thank you.
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    It's up to the individual committees to decide if you get in or not. Posting your standardized test scores is pointless, as that is only a small part in the admissions decision.
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    There's a couple of people in my department that I know have come from engineering backgrounds but they took some physics courses while completing their degrees. From what they tell me it was about equivalent to a minor. A good way to start looking for schools is by their research areas. If you know the area that interests you, then google away and see what schools have groups doing that.

    Very impressive scores by the way.
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    Thank you SophusLies. I am applying to around 15 universities. Let's see from where I get admit from.
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