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Back scattering of beta perticles by foil experiment

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    Beta particles are fast moving electrons emitted by the nuclei of certain atoms. When beta particles enter a material they may be deflected, and after penetrating a short distance into the material, may be moving in any direction. Some of these particles may have their motion reversed by their interaction with the material so that they are traveling back towards the source.

    Design an experiment (does not have to be performed by me) to investigate how the number of beta particles scattered backwards by a foil depends upon the thickness of the foil and the proton (atomic) number of the material from which the foil is made. Pay particular attention to:

    (a) the choice of apparatus and how it would be arranged.
    (b) the control of variables
    (c) the procedure to be followed
    (d) any safety precautions which may need to be taken when conducting this experiment

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    I tried yahoo answers and the very 1st answer i got said that i wont get a answer on yahoo answers because its too complex..he even said i should drop the course if i couldnt do it!
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    Well one would need a collimated source of beta particles to ensure that the particles travel to the foil. One needs a detector that discriminates between source particles and scattered particles.

    So how would one arrange source and detector with respect to the foil?

    How would one measure the effects of the thickness of the foil and the proton (atomic) number of the material from which the foil is made?
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    Does anybody have any more advice on this topic?
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