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Bag for books

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    I have quite a few very nice and reasonably expensive physics books. However, when transporting them on my person, I hate the corners to get dog-eared and the book to generally get ruined in my rucksack. So, can anybody recommend a bag that will minimise/completely prevent such wear on the books? So far the best options seem to be hard plastic folders or a satchel bag. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I got a nice messenger bag from Banana Republic a few years ago. I had one similar to this one before but it ripped because the material was thinner. This one is more heavy duty and has lasted me without any problems. Its nice because it has a ton of pockets and zippers nearly anywhere and everywhere. I can put all pens, pencils, calculator, flash drive, post-its, etc, inside that pocket. Once its closed you can shake the hell out of it and nothing will fall out of its pocket.

    http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/6823/pict0324ge1.jpg [Broken]

    http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/4786/pict0325el1.jpg [Broken]

    If you are looking for a new bag, look for overall ergonomics. Make sure it's got pockets anywhere and everywhere so you can put things in there and they stay in place. Make sure you shake it really well to see if things stay put. The older one I had before this wasn't designed as well. Even though it had pockets, things would fall out and not stay in place.

    You can't see it in the picture, but its also got a zippered cargo net inside, a zippered pocket inside (shown in the picture), a slot with a strap that velcros to hold stuff in the pocket down (I put notepads in there). In the back is another open slot to put things, and a zipper runs along the lenght of the bottom to increase the width if you're putting something wider inside. It's really, really functional.
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    Have you put book covers on your books to protect them?
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    That doesn't help much with the corners getting dented.

    I guess it might depend how big the books are and how many you have to carry at a time. If they fit, maybe slipping them into a laptop sleeve would help cushion them more.

    Most of the textbooks for our courses are paperback instead of hardcover now. It lightens the load, but you can't put a cover on them and they're more susceptible to getting bumped around. I usually only have to carry one home at a time though, if I want to work from home on preparing lectures. I put them in the file compartment of my laptop bag/briefcase, and they stay put and don't get damaged there the way they would if they had more room to move around. I think that's the key, limiting the space they have so they aren't bumping around as you walk. So, if you have to carry around a big backpack with too much room, maybe the laptop sleeves would pad them up a bit.
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    Still a good bookcover will protect most of the book, if it's hardback, of course. I made nice cloth book covers for some of my better books. Most of the wear and tear was from handling them. It also keeps them from getting dirty.
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    It's only a book.
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    Years ago, when I first started in 1st grade: my mother gave me this sort of rubber band with a buckle to carry my books. It was hers when she went to school I believe. And though I only had it for that one year myself, I have to say that it was just fine for carrying two or three textbooks to and fro.

    Otherwise, stick with a good old Jansport...


    I have never found them to beat my book up. Maybe you are more particular than I am though.
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    My texbook conditions would horrify you. I highlight, dogear, and have ripped out pages if necessary.
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