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Base Diameter of a standing pole

  1. Aug 11, 2010 #1
    What should be the minimum base diameter of a 1 meter cylindrical pole ?
    What should be the minimum base diameter of a 1 meter cubic pole ?
    how are these computed ?
    Does length of the pole impacts the base diameter ?
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  3. Aug 11, 2010 #2
    I don't understand. Cubic pole? Base? Minimum diameter? 1-meter diameter pole?

    I think you'll get more answers if you elaborate a little.
  4. Sep 7, 2010 #3
    here is what i wanted to find out:
    1. Does the base area of a pole has any impact on it to stand upright?
    2. What is the relation between the length of the pole against the base area ?
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    Basically, the taller it is, the more area the base must cover. In practicality, though, they are usually just buried to a sufficient depth to ensure stability.
  6. Sep 8, 2010 #5
    How much cross load will the pole experience? In a vacuum you could probably have a 100' bamboo fishing rod balanced on it's end with no problem. But not in an underwater tidal zone...
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    Good point, Schip.
    It essentially comes down to leverage. The base must be sufficient in or opposed to the same direction as an applied force to counteract that force. If the latter, the weight of the base is critical. If the former, it must be long enough without regard to weight. In the case of a buried pole, the ground becomes the base, and the structural integrity of both it and the pole are the determining factors.
    That's still not a complete answer, but I hope it clarifies things a bit.
  8. Sep 8, 2010 #7
    Thanks Danger & schip666!, your answers did bring in some understanding. This is a "Just to know" question, but am curious to crack the equation/function/theory behind it. any direction is appreciated. May be i will try to post an image about it in the future.
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