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Basic Chemistry Question

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    In our high school Chem 1 Class, we had this lab where we went around doing simple

    experiments and determining whether the change was a physical one or a chemical one. Well,

    when one of the stations had be perplexed. At this station we had a Nickel Chromium

    Wire with an Aluminum handle, and what we had to do was put the wire in the Bunsen burner.

    When I put the wire part into the yellow/orange part near the top of the burner, the wire, like

    expected, quickly glowed red/orange (Like burning embers). When I put it in the hottest part or

    the burner at the blue triangle flame, the wire did not glow. I asked my teacher and he said the

    wire should have glowed at any part of the flame, yet it did not. He tried the experiment and

    got the same result. So, why does the wire glow in the red/orange part of the flame, but not

    the hottest part?
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    Any ideas of what is going on?
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    I think my teacher said something with Oxygen when he tried to give an answer.
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    Any ideas?
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    It should glow, no doubt about it. Hard to say what you have seen and interpreted as "no glow". I am not saying you didn't saw what you saw.
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