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Homework Help: Basic fortran help: reading columns of data from a text file

  1. Oct 21, 2011 #1
    Hi everybody,
    I have 3 columns of data (3 different variables) and 400 rows. How would I set up a matrix/array sort of thing to read each row individually and store it in my fortran program to calculate equations at each step?

    What I have basically tried and cant get to work, I think it tries to read past the file all the time....
    do i=1,N ! Read matrix row-by-row
    'Equations calculating from each line'
    Any help? or does someone have part of a working program i can use and modify?
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  3. Oct 22, 2011 #2
    Whenever I've read in matricies I'd use a read statement with an implied do loop. For instance:
    dimension a(400,3)
    do 1 i=1,400


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