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Bass mid & trebel filter circuit or pcb layout needed

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    hi every one
    i happened to have some junk tape recorders and amplifiers
    so i set about making myself a deck with a cd drive
    i have two tweeters two speakers but one sub woofer
    i want a filter circuit so that i can take the left right inputs and get one bass input for the subwoofer.
    and iwant to make the circuit myself.so if any one can help tell me
    thanks to the helper in advance.:smile:
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    Here are some common "crossover" circuits. A crossover is a device which sends high frequencies to a tweeter, and lows to a subwoofer.

    Note that you will probably have to further amplify the signal to your subwoofer.

    - Warren
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    i do have an amplifier for the sub but where are the circuits???
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