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Medical Bath at night cause you pneumonia?

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    here, what people claim at my country,

    based from what i know, bathing at night is one ways to treat insomnia,

    any idea?
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    Are you saying that bathing at night causes pneumonia, or that it treats insomnia?

    I don't know that either claim is completely implausible, but why it be true medically?
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    its like a taboo to bathing at night in asia, but i cant understand why,
    i'm saying that it is night bath and pneumonia is unrelated.

    i'm posting it here, maybe someone can explain it, but it seems it is unrelated. xD

    p/s: Hmm, i'm really sorry with my bad english
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    wow, good find.
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    hmm, its not very cold and its not very warm, around (25~30) degree celcius i guess,

    but, if it is cool, why they didnt say "bathing in early morning will cause pneumonia" instead of night, because the water is cold that time.
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    I was just fishing for ideas.
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    But that was Nice finding. . That news..
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    hmm, its all about bacteria.
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    i would wonder if cold exposure could increase susceptibility to bacterial pneumonia. the one time i got pneumonia, i'd been installing a transmission and spent a lot of time laying on my back on the cold ground, which would have lowered my core body temperature. also had a lot of GERD at the time, which probably played a much bigger role.
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    Ive heard it was sex at night time which causes pneumonia.
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    Oh my God how embarrassing. :eek::blushing:

    Google, how could you betray me like this? :tongue2:
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    Pneumonia means inflammation of the lungs with consolidation and exudation.
    can be caused by either bacteria or viruses.
    it can be a primary condition or a secondary (caused by something else.)
    the majority of pneumonia is caused by a bacteria called streptoccusus(?) pneumoniae <--spelled wrong probably.

    it used to be a big deal and kill like one out of every four people affected, but since like the 40's(?) we've been able to treat it more effectively with anti-biotics. now it mostly effects children and the elderly.

    to the bathing at night gives you pneumonia thats a different noooo.

    i think like cold water etc at night could cause you hypothermia.
    pneumonia can as happen if you get a bunch of water or food in your lungs, if accidentally inhaled it.
    and hypostatic pneumonia which could be the one related to the (bathing) at night is if your lying on your back the water could pool in your lungs.
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