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BB code for video link

  1. Dec 26, 2016 #1
    Dear PF Forum,
    Can someone help me with this matter?
    I want to ask a question in PF concerning a particular video.

    You'll see that the video popped up in my thread.
    I use insert link above.

    But what I want to do is simply, insert the link, so the use can click the video to watch it without being thumbnailed on my thread.
    Something like this.
    https : // www . youtube . com / watch?v=02xPFwuBVmA
    But, it wasn't a link, it's just a green underlined text.
    I have to insert space, so PF won't attach the video on my thread.
    So how can I just paste a link, and someone have to click it to watch the video, but not displaying the video itself on my thread.
    Do anybody the BB code to do that?

    Thank you very much.

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    You could "link" text and url like this. Simply mark the text, click on the chain symbol in the editor and insert the url.
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    Like this?
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    You could also do this: youtu.be/02xPFwuBVmA
    Code (Text):

    [url=https://youtu.be/02xPFwuBVmA] youtu.be/02xPFwuBVmA [/url]
    Note that the "https://" [Broken] has been removed
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    Here's another way, also. If you bookmark the video, right click on the video title and left click copy... then, right click in the reply box, and left click paste...
    Gravity Defying Cat - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

    You can even highlight and delete the description name if you want, and end up with this...

    Or, choose whatever name you want...
    "My" Video

    The way fresh_42 showed is probably the easiest, though ... I usually do it that way, myself.
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    Thanks @OCR

    Can I try here?

    1. This is copy paste method, without insert link, but with url like statement.

    2. This is insert link with url like title.

    3. This is insert link without url like title.
    Evolution video

    4. This is @OCR method with URL like title

    But if I click video title in bookmark, it gives the link not the video title.

    5. This is @OCR method and changing the text.
    Evolution Video

    Okay, let's see what they do.
  10. Dec 28, 2016 #9
    Ahh, I think it's this. If there's URL like text, the bulletin will convert it to video, whether you insert link or not.
    But, it's interesting. If It's youtube link, the bulletin will display the video right away, not the entire webpage.

    I'll try another URL

    The homepage of a well known website.

    One of the page of a well known website.

    One of the link of a well known website

    Link of another website.

    Link of a website with a video on it

    Link to a youtube page with a video

    And as we already know. Link to a youtube video, the bulletin will display the video snapshot.
  11. Dec 28, 2016 #10
    I think I have reached a conclusion.
    Code (Text):
    If this bulletin finds a text with a URL like format, then {
      if it's a youtube video then {
        it will display the video snapshot
      else {
        It will display it in URL font. Underlined, blue.
        if the user click the text it will open the page in a new tab

    if there's an insert link command in the bulletin, then {
      Bulletin will replace the URL with the title.
      (* what if the title is in URL like format?
         see rule no 1 *)
  12. Dec 29, 2016 #11


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    How Evolution works - YouTube ... Odd, I just copied and pasted the bookmark from your video... seems to work... ?

    How Evolution works ... Here, I just backspaced out " - YouTube " .

    Evolution Video ... Here, I put "Evolution Video" between the tags...

    Like this...
    Code (Text):
    [URL='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOfRN0KihOU']Evolution Video[/URL]
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