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How to easily view YouTube videos frame by frame

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    I wanted to share this updated website.
    To easily watch YouTube videos, frame by frame, go to http://www.watchframebyframe.com
    Insert the video link, and you can easily move from frame to frame. This is a major upgrade from www.rowvid.com, by the same people, I think.
    For example:
    1. http://www.watchframebyframe.com/watch/yt/kNbH8Y1HgQQ allows you to see the point that the magnet assemply starts to fly apart. It happens so quickly, that using this link is the easy way to study it.
    2. This Veritasium video says both balls hit the ground at the same time, at but in http://www.watchframebyframe.com/watch/yt/oBdalzRJR5g you can see one hits slightly before (it is dropped from a lower height though, so NO argument here. I put it here as an example of what you can see with this tool.). Even slow motion videos can be viewed more precisely, and the frames easily stopped for review..

    www.watchframebyframe.com could have many uses for the inquisitive people at PF.

    Have fun!
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    Very nice!
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