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Beginner Cellular Automaton Books?

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    Does anyone know of any Cellular Automaton books or articles for the absolute beginner, assuming they only know Trigonometry? I've built a http://ozramos.com/blog/first-try-terrajs [Broken] but they're completely naive.

    I have a week off before school starts and would love to spend it learning this stuff. Here are the sources I know about:
    1. A New Kind of Science
    2. This huge list, but it doesn't really help me with choosing one
    3. The Life Wiki
    4. Reddit
    There's a lot of sources out there, but for someone with absolutely no training, it's a little intimidating!
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    Thanks I've added it to my list. I think I'm just going to start with A New Kind of Science and branch out from there. Thanks again!
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