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Beginner Ebook to understand AVR hardware software detail and clearlt

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    I am currently in 7th semester majoring in Electrical Engineering concentration in control...

    Taking the major course in microcomputer interfacing makes me feel the difficulties in EE...
    I don't have the basic in programming
    It's my first time to deal with how cpu in avr works
    The lecturer requires us to have the basic in AVR
    The lecturer notes is not clear

    After 4th meeting, I consider that I can't depend on my circumstances...that's why I want to learn by myself...

    Anyone has very good book reference?
    Please help me facing this hell...
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    If you wish to learn about microprocessor architecture, you should pick up an introduction to microprocessors book. Regrettably, I don't have any such reference (although the reviews at Amazon or Chapters or your book purveyor of choice may help in that regards).

    If you want to learn specifically about the way things are done on the AVR, download the datasheet for the microprocessor you're using. The architecture and basic instruction handling and operation will be explained in the first few chapters:
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