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Behavior of polypyrrole nanowires

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    I have been running IV tests on polypyrrole nanowires and i see a time varying resistance that is linear over 3 time periods.....

    can somebody explain this to me?? i am basically a EE student and i need help with the this..... maybe it has to do with transport in the wires or some kind of polarization taking place in the wires that is causing the resistance to vary over time.
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    What defines a "time period"? Are you sure you are not seeing heating effects?

    Need to know all details about the measurements to be able to comment further...
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    here's a plot of the data that i have.... can this help explain?

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    How do you see the time-dependence in that plot? All I see is a non-linearity that could result from any of several possibilities (phonons, for instance).

    Can you tell me how the measurement is made? Do you use a constant sweep rate for the current/voltage or do you fix it at a particular value and measure there for some length of time?

    Again, I don't understand how you say there's a time dependence unless you measure at different sweep rates (or residence times) and the position of the plateau changes in V, but not in t. Do you have more data to suggest a time-dependence, or are you asking for a possible explanation of the plateau in the I-V plot?
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