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Being a film producer/playwriter etc

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    How much does one earn to be a film producer/playwriter in the US ? Many people seem to run into this industry. I bet if it is less than 10G/film item, they won't work ?

    Thank you
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    Usually, they earn just enough delivering pizzas so they can afford a place write their plays and read their rejection letters. If they're lucky enough to actually sell one of their plays, then they deserve more money than they probably get.

    Only a handful actually make a good living doing that sort of thing.
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    My nephew tried the screen writing bit for a few years. He did sell one script to Disney for $50K. They never produced it, they just stole ideas from it.o:)

    He had to take a job as a substitute teacher in South Central L.A. For some reason South Central paid it's substitute teachers better than other areas. He used to say: "I can't believe how many of the kids are on drugs."

    Now he has his own penny stock web site and also works for a market maker. The pay is good, really good, but he still says " I can't believe how many of these people are on drugs.":devil:
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