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Best book for physics out there?

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    I am taking physics 2 next semester, and I wanted to know which is the best book that covers electric fields, magnetism, etc. I currently have university physics by young and freedman, but It's way to confusing. Please help me!
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    I used Young and Freedman in four of my courses. I think is a good book at that level or at least as good at any of the introductory books.They are all pretty much the same book with different pictures. So unless you want to use a undergraduate text in E&M there is not much point in changing it.
    Young and Freedman is very good if you know how to use it.You must read it carefully and always look at the diagrams when they are there.The author uses a diagram when presenting almost everything(especially in the E&M chapters ) and is sometimes hard to change between reading the text looking at the diagrams and doing the math.Eventually you get used to it and all explanations are clear. The worked examples are usually relevant and helpful. And the end of chapter problems are numerous and and have a large range of difficulty.

    Try to work harder on it.
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    I agree, young and freedman is a great well rounded book. However if you are doing circuit theory i would recommend Shaum's outlines Electric circuits . Its a great simply explained book heavily packed with worked examples and supplementary problems. And its not expensive to buy.
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    I would also suggest complementing Young and Freedman with Schaum's.
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    What about physics volume 2 by resnick? I really want to have as many resources as possible....
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