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Engineering Best cities for mechanical engineering

  1. Mar 15, 2017 #1
    I'm a 21 year old college student studying mechanical engineering. I currently live in South Carolina and I'm looking at other states to move to after graduation. I was wondering what are some good states/cities to go to for mechanical engineering?
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    It depends on the particular field you are interested in. The areas surrounding Philadelphia are somewhat of a mecca for pharmaceuticals and I work as an HVAC engineer supporting the pharma industry. But it isn't hot for energy, automotiv,e shipping, aerospace, etc.
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    I meant to put that earlier. The sectors I want to work in are automotive and aerospace. I also want to work as a quant someday as well if I can.
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    When it comes to the automotive sector, I know that the Big Three have most of their assembly plants in Michigan (with Ford having some plants in Missouri, Fiat Chrysler a plant in Ohio, and GM with plants in Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Tennessee, and Missouri).

    Toyota has plants in Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, and Mississippi. Honda has plants in Ohio, Alabama, and Indiana. Other auto companies have plants in various other areas of the country.

    As far as the aerospace industry is concerned, I know for a fact that Boeing is based in Washington State, and I would think that Texas, Florida, and Virginia (with military aircraft) would be among the better states for aerospace-type work.
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