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Engineering Mechanical engineering or Aerospace engineer

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    I am a year one student who is going to promote to year 2 in September, and I am required to choose between Mechanical engineering or Aerospace engineer within these few days (i just received the urgent message...)

    I believe I am better in memorization and language skill than mathematics [compared to most engineers ;)] however, I have not have any taste on both areas ever before...

    I do not have special thoughts or interest on both discipline other than the curriculum (facts only...) like I have never knew what skills are more required in the area...

    regarding career prospects, in my city hong kong, there are about four to five hundred of mechanical students while only 30 students of my uni are aerospace engineer each year. as my city have got limited career opportunities, i am not sure which has got a better prospect in both hong kong and global view.

    anyone can give any advice to me???? i would appreciate any of your help!!!! thanks everyone~
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    Generally speaking, ME is much more broad than AeroE, and consequently there are more job opportunities most places for MEs. If in doubt, I recommend that you go the ME route. As an ME, you can still work in aerospace, if you want to and find the proper opportunity (I did work in aerospace with an ME background).
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