C/++/# Best Kotlin courses online (ideally free)?

As the title explains I am currently looking for Java/Kotlin courses right now. I learn through experience/hands-on and visual/videos (as long as I can take notes). I have an account on Quickstart already for the CompTIA Linux+ certification and the Microsoft MCSA certification. I think that I will be ready for the Linux+ and the Server+ at about the same time. I'm the "jack of all trades" when it comes to IT work. I can code, work on servers and routers, and do desktop support work. For coding, I want to specialize in mobile development/Android/iOS development. My question is the best courses that I should take to land a job in coding in Android/iOS (more iOS).
Another resource is. Rosettacode.org where they have a collection of algorithms implemented in many languages. Its great for comparative studying.

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