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Best major to work in space

  1. Oct 25, 2015 #1
    I am currently a 2nd year mechanical engineering student and space has always been something that's fascinated me, I'm like 99% sure I want to either have a job that deals with space, or study space, or both lol. I'm not sure if mechanical engineering would be the best degree though, I know I can become an astronaut with an engineering degree but I'm not even counting on that because only like .5% of applicants get accepted or something like that.
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    You do not have to have a degree in Aerospace Engineering to get a job in the Aerospace field; in fact, sometimes you can get into the field easier if you have another degree, such as a Mechanical Engineering degree. Employers in this field want specialists; sometimes that means hiring a Mechanical Engineer for the landing gear, structures, etc. Or an Electrical Engineer for avionics, fire control systems, etc. Unless you go all the way to a PhD, chances are employers will consider you too much of a generalist as a Aerospace Engineering.
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    What about a physics degree?
    Yeah that makes sense. What about a physics degree? Would that be better than engineering for what I want to work in?
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    As you say, very few people who would love to be an astronaut succeed in becoming one, but some do .
    There is more to it than what academic qualifications you have though, your fitness is important, depending on where you are from political stuff is important, and more.
    I wish you every luck in your ambition though, and an engineering degree is likely to be a merit I would think.
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    Yeah you're right, I just don't want to base everything around being an astronaut, like that would definitely be my dream job, but I would love to just work with space in general. Thanks though, I really appreciate it:)
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