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Best material for a shock resistant phone case

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    What do you guys think is the best modern looking material for a shock resistant phone case?

    I've been snooping around and stumbled upon a material called Carbon Nanotube, from the looks of things it looks quite ideal.

    What do you guys also think about Carbon Nanotubes?

    My idea is to have a durable but soft material that can withstand a shock/fall and on the inside, I would leave a little room where I would have some sort of soft polymer
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    Welcome to the PF.:smile:

    Can you say more about why you are considering that type of material? I'm no expert, but from reading Wikipedia, it seems to be too dtiff to be very shock absorbent.

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    Thank you! :)

    The reason I was considering the material is because I thought it is was a strong material that was also soft. (I'm still researching into Carbon Nanotubes at the moment so I don't know a whole lot about it)

    Do you have any materials in mind that would be a good shock absorber?
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    It seems like the current rubber and polymer based phone cases work pretty well. Is this for a schoolwork project? What other materials have you looked into?
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    I see what you mean but as stupid as it sounds I personally want to try and find an innovative material that would work really well for a Phone case also it's not for a school project. Recently, I've also looked into Ballistic Nylon.

    Ballistic Nylon and Carbon Nanotubes are currently the only two materials I have looked into because I don't have a lot of time on my hands.
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    During an impact the "stopping distance" significantly determined the rate of deceleration and impact forces. So a thick soft material should be better than a thin hard material. However it won't protect the phone as well against bending forces. Your first task is to figure out what you want to protect the phone from.
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    Couldnt you have a thick soft material around an inner hard shell, so that the inner shell protects against bending forces but the outer shell protects against impacts, also have you thought about protecting against other things such as heat or water, do you only wish to worry about impact or also other forces?
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