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Best Places To Learn These?

  1. Mar 8, 2010 #1
    Atoms, Isotopes, Radioisotopes, Artificial Transmutation: How radioisotopes are manufactured

    Radioactivity and how it is detected:
    Alpha decay, Beta Decay, Gamma decay, How radiation is detected

    Properties of alpha, beta and gamma radiation:
    Alpha particles, Beta particles, Gamma rays, The ionising abilities of alpha, beta and gamma radiation, The energy of Alpha-Beta-Gamma radiation

    Half Life and activity of radioisotopes:
    Decay Series

    Radiation dose and its effect on humans:
    Measuring radiation exposure, The effects of radiation

    I've got a test coming up and it's my fault for not listening and paying attention in class as I thought it will be easy but it ain't. I need a way to learn all this to answer from simply questions like how many protons,neutrons and nucleons are in the following nuclides to a radioactive isotope has a life of 1 hour, if a sample initially contains 100 mg of this isotope, which one of the following correctly gives the amount of the radioisotope remaining after 2 hours have elapsed: none,50mg,25mg,100mg... Etc. Questions like these and harder will be on the test like drawing graphs etc.

    Thank you.
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    Radiation detection and measurement by Knoll may be suitable for you.., But it dosen't cover all you need.
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    Sorry, I don't want Books, I want information that i can get on the net. I just want websites that will first teach me the basics and I might be able to catch up from there. Thank you.
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    there are lot...Just google with keyword..
    i often see in this:
    But regarding exposure calculation..it is better to refer books, because in have seen in some website with different values
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    Wow Thanks Rajini, Really helped a lot, hope to see more websites ;)
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