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Best undergrad school I got accepted to?

  1. Dec 2, 2015 #1
    I was recently accepted into 5 universities Penn State University ( 2 years at Behrend then 2 years at main), Ohio University, Waynesburg University, Kent State University, and the University of Akron. I got into the physics programs in all of those schools. I was wondering which school would be the best for my undergrad degree in physics. I assume it would be Penn state considering that i would like to go to grad school at Penn state.
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    I think some folks will say its better to go to one school for undergrad and another for grad school.

    Its definitely easier to stay in the same school but its better to have the variety.

    Have you looked at the school ratings online?
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    I read about graduate school rankings on the usnews site but wasn't sure what a credible site was to check the rankings.
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    Penn State has a lot of research opportunities for undergraduate studies, and a top tier program overall. The problem is it's the most expensive state school in the country (that's in-state tuition ~18k/year). It's also a suburb surrounded by rural areas, so if you want to go do something you may have to get a ride quite a ways. But if those aren't issues to you I'd say Penn State hands down.
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