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Programs Best US PhD programs in physics?

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    Which are considered the best US post graduate schools for physics? I'm guessing MIT, Cal Tech and the University of Texas.
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    Santa Cruz? They're known for their astrophysics program, but I'm fairly certain it's not at the top in physics.
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    Rhombus gave the USNews listing, which ranks by a score (and lists alphabetically within those tied with the same score.)

    Berkeley Caltech Harvard and Princeton all got a score of 4.9

    they were topped by only two, MIT and Stanford, which got 5.0.

    They list MIT before Stanford only because M comes before S in the alphabet.

    Here is the schools' standings by score. (forget about the order of listing)

    5.0 Stanford, MIT

    4.9 Berkeley Caltech Harvard Princeton

    4.7 Cornell

    4.6 Chicago, Champaign-Urbana (Illinois)

    4.5 UC Santa Barbara
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    1. MIT and Stanford for overall science and math. 2. UC Berkeley in overall science and 3. Caltech in overall science
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