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Best way to harness electricity from

  1. Oct 2, 2013 #1
    Is there a way to harness electricity from a steel ball bearing moving through a magnetic field?

    The ball would be heavy enough to move through the entire magnetic field (downhill) from end to end without being caught in the magnetic field.

    Would having 2 copper rails supporting the ball as it passes through the magnetic field work and attach 1 lead + and 1 lead - to each rail?
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    It appears to me that you are suggesting a new, novel electrical generator. If that's true then may I suggest that you build up that apparatus you propose and observe (measure) the resultant output? If your proposal is viable, then you may want to patent it. Just imagine, "Lasix Generators" power entire cities!
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    HaHa! Maybe even use my "real" name - P-alot.

    Yes off to test. Was hoping someone had some experience with this idea in the past to save some time and money...

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    Kinda looks like Bobby made a laugh , :D
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    brushless induction generator huh?
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    I believe that would still require a rotor?
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    yes it would , you need either the field changing or if the field is steady you need the physical parts moving to induce something
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    An aluminium ball will generate stronger eddy currents than a steel ball. I'm not sure how to harness it though.
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    lasix, In your opening post, you asked about the possibility of "harnessing electricity" with your rolling ball.

    Evidently you have not constructed your proposed apparatus and tested it yet. If you had, and if you measured the result, you'd have found NOTHING. No new invention, nothing to patent, and nothing to become famous for.

    I guess you missed the point: I was urging you to use the scientific method to arrive a some conclusion, but I guess I was too subtle. Will you please read up and study how electric generators function? And, "harness electricity" is not even a scientifically logical term. Learn the basic "right hand rule" and the "left hand rule" about the behaviors of current flow in conductors in magnetic fields. Taking wild stabs in the dark and guessing is NOT the way to discover the fundamental laws of physics.

    You might start your search here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_generator
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