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Testing Best way to prepare for physics GRE?

  1. Aug 6, 2012 #1
    I am hoping to take the GRE physics test soon in order to apply to US grad schools..
    I would be very interested to hear advice from people who have taken this test in relation to their opinion on how best to prepare for it and if they used any textbooks designed specifically for physics GRE preparation.
    ... So if you are one of these people, please leave a comment!
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    The general consensus is that every book designed specifically for physics GRE preparation sucks. :smile:

    Your best bet is to review using your undergraduate textbooks and the released PGRE exams. (You have to ration your use of the exams, since there aren't many of them. I started by taking one untimed and open book just to see where I needed to focus my efforts, and then periodically took the others under simulated conditions to see what sort of score I could get.)
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    I'm not "one of these people".

    But generally, know your stuff and know how to express it clearly verbally and in writing and you shouldn't have any problem with any tests in the subject.
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    Strange advice for a multiple choice test!

    Although I can agree, if you can express the material clearly, you have a sufficient understanding of it to do well.
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    First go and review the basic stuff in a Serway or Resnick. Then do a LOT of the problems in the Schaum's collection and finally focus all the rest of your time in solving the practice tests released by ETS, focusing on the 2008 version since your test will be extremely similar to this one.
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    Oh, one additional thing to keep in mind... there are 100 questions and 170 minutes. So if you are spending more than about a minute and a half on a question, you are doing something wrong and should probably move on.
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