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Best way to pulse a constant microcurrent square wave signal?

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    I have a constant 100 uA square wave DC 10Hz signal that needs to have a pulse width of 50ms. I was reading up on using an electronic timer relay (recycle type) or a solid state relay controlled via PWM. I need some help choosing which route to take, or if there are better/easier ways to accomplish this. Just a push in the right direction would be appreciated :)

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    I don't think you can have a constant current square wave. It has to vary to be a square wave.

    Do you know how this waveform is produced? If so, do you know what voltage source powers it?

    Have you used Arduino or Picaxe microcontrollers?
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    There are many ways to do it …
    If you already have it, why the question? Have you designed the current source yet?
    What load will it be driving?
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    I am trying to pulse the output signal of a device I am working with.

    Would it be easier to start from scratch versus modify the existing?

    I started looking into Arduino microcontrollers recently, but not Picaxe. I'll read up.
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    You really need to give some more details.

    We are largely guessing at what you are doing and what you want.

    Some of us have limited attention spans when it comes to guessing games, so if you could explain in detail what you are trying to do and why you are doing it and do this in your next post, that would be good.

    As Baluncore pointed out, a 10 Hz 50% duty cycle square wave has a period of 100 mS and a positive pulse width of 50 mS.
    This is what you asked for.
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