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Other Better MSc. option to be Data scientist if I'm Physicist?

  1. Feb 4, 2017 #1
    Hi everybody, I have a bachelor degree in physics and I want to be Data Scientist, I have good programming skills and background in mathematical statistics, so, between options that I have found of MSc. are applied mathematics, applied statistics, statistics, applied physics, computer science and obiusly data science; but, what is the better option if I wish to continue with a Ph.D?. Thanks in advance and best regards.
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    To the OP:

    If you know in advance that you want to be a Data Scientist (and given your background in physics, along with your stated programming skills and background in mathematical statistics), I would recommend Masters programs in either applied math, applied statistics, statistics, or computer science (I have reservations about the data science graduate programs that are available, since these are very new and I'm not certain about the quality of such programs).

    BTW, since you mentioned about Msc. -- are you based in Canada? Since in the US, it is more typical for people to apply directly to a PhD program after finishing his/her bachelor degree.
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    I agree with StatGuy2000. At least half of the new programs I've seen pop up relating to hot new fields have significantly reduced academic rigor and program difficulty to attract students and their money rather than to do a good job meeting emerging demands for new and different training.

    I recommend sticking with an established program with a good national reputation.
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