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Biochemistry vs. Chemical Engineering

  1. Feb 25, 2012 #1
    For the past two weeks, I have stressed over whether to major in Cheme or Bioc. Right now I am double majored in both and I plan on doing 5 years anyways, but I'm not sure what to do.

    My dream job is to be a virologist. I want to work with the CDC someday and cure the virus responsible for the zombie apocalypse (little immature of me-I've actually been interested in this career for 6 years since my 7th grade had a huge unit over viruses).

    But, it is my understanding that unless you get into med school, a biochemistry degree will do little for you. I am afraid of leaving school to find no job (we all are, aren't we?). There are some students who go to medschool after getting a Cheme degree, so I could always go that path in a Cheme degree too. Plus a Cheme degree can guarentee many different opportunities and jobs, and I would like to try to get into medschool too.

    I am very interested in viruses, but I find Cheme sort of interesting too, not near as much though. I haven't done any internships or co-ops yet (I'm in 2nd semester of Freshman year), but I plan on trying to get one soon or Sophomore year. My school (Uni of Neb-Lincoln) is big on getting students co-ops and internships.

    If I can get into medschool with a Cheme or a Bioc, should I take the Cheme route since I have a better possibility of a job if medschool doesn't work out? I think I am capable of Cheme-I'm struggling in my classes right now with B's, but I will improve.

    Thank you for any responses-try not to be too biased please :)
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