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Biomedical Engineering/Bioengineering Books & Career Advice

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    I honestly wasn't sure if this should have went in Engineering or Biology/Medicine section. I am interested in finding out more about what Biomedical Engineering/Bioengineering is all about. One side says its about just building machines, while the other is about using the machines and doing research. Either way, input and or book recommendations that outline the topics and give bit more detail would be greatly appreciated. :smile:
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    Biomedical engineering in practice is the field that designs and creates medical devices and cellular therapies. In many programs, you can take an electrical emphasis, which would focus on medical equipment like defibrillators or CT scanners, a mechanical emphasis, which focuses on implantable medical devices like artificial joints or stent grafts, or a cellular/bioengineering emphais, which focuses on growing tissues or other biological structures.

    Anyone who tells you an engineering field is about "research" is missing the point. Engineering is making stuff to sell.
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    With the explosive advance of imaging technologies, implanted devices like Cochlear, 3d printed prosthetic devices, etc., I don't think that there is any limit to research and development. I think that you should visit the university bookstore and look at some of the text books in the biomedical engineering core courses to get an idea.
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    It is possible for someone with an engineering background to do research or advanced development, such as at a national lab.

    Its going to vary a lot by school. In general the programs will expose you to basic anatomy, a little ee, and little me, and some medical type work. School to school, the project emphasis and the electives will vary a lot. It depends on what you want to do with the degree.
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