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Biophysics BS BioEng Grad vs. BioEng BS Biophys Grad

  1. Mar 13, 2012 #1
    I am currently a freshman in Biological Engineering and second guessing my major... I'm very interested in research and certain that I want to go to gradschool after my BS. I'm not 100% sure what I want to study but I'm leaning in the direction of molecular biophysics, computational bio, structural biochem, etc... or possibly optics, photonics. I realize that I should be able to get into at least a decent BME graduate program with BME BS or a Biophysics program with Physics BS but I am wondering which of the two (biophysics or bioeng BS) will keep my options most open. Will I be well prepared for BME program with a BS in physics with biology emphasis? What about a Biophysics program with a BS in BioEng? I still have about 1 more semester to make my decision before I will begin to fall behind should I decide to switch to physics. I have a passion for math and physics (not as interested in engineering applications at this point) and obviously biology, but I am mainly concerned with not backing myself into a corner! Having the engineering degree, even if it is just a BS, would definitely be nice to fall back on. I would appreciate some insight from people who have been in a similar situation, but general opinions are helpful as well.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    *Also it may be worth noting that I'm working in a computational neurobiology/modeling lab
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