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Homework Help: Bode & Nyquist diagrams from expirmental results

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    I have a task to draw a bode and nyquist diagrams from an expirmential results, I have the phase delay and the votage gain data, can you help me to darw bode and nyquist diagrams?

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    Just use matlab.
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    Thanks for your reply, but I want to draw it without using MATLAB.
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    For the Bode plot, start with log-log paper, label the horizontal frequency axis with the appropriate frequency range, and label the vertical axis with both gain and phase shift markers. Theh just plot the data points that you have and connect the dots in a smooth fashion.

    For the Nyquist plot, it's a little more involved -- does your system include feedback, or is it open-loop?


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    Thanks for your reply, the system which I want to draw a Nyquist does not have a feedback.
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    Can you give us the transfer function?
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    Thanks for your reply, the transfer function is:
    1 / (0.0022s + 1)
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