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Bojowald 3 week gig at KITP quantum NONsingularities

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    Francesca flagged this January 2007 event

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    The Quantum Nature of Spacetime Singularities

    (Martin Bojowald, Robert H. Brandenberger, Gary T. Horowitz, Hong Liu)

    Jan 8, 2007 - Jan 26, 2007

    One of the main goals of quantum gravity is to provide a better understanding of physics near the big bang and inside black holes where general relativity breaks down. Recently, there has been considerable progress toward this goal in both of the main approaches to quantum gravity. In string theory, this includes string gas cosmology, tachyon condensation, and holographic descriptions using the AdS/CFT correspondence. In loop quantum gravity, space is fundamentally discrete, and evolution in symmetric cosmological models is nonsingular. This three week miniprogram will combine experts in both areas and on the classical approach to singularities to make further progress on this fundamental problem.


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    Bojowald has also been invited to give a week of lectures in September at the Brazil School of Cosmology and Gravitation

    His singularity-free version of quantum cosmology is getting to look
    kind of standard. Thanks to Christine for this news!

    Probably his authorship of the Living Reviews article helped solidify that
    and then his writing the Elsevier Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics
    article on Quantum Cosmology

    When you write the encyclopedia article on Quantum Cosmology that sort of makes it official that your version is the standard benchmark.

    Living Reviews has a similar feel
    That one was specifically on LOOP quantum cosmology.
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    I wonder how they are triying to interpretate two oof the most relvants, IMHO consecuences of the yet made analisys.

    Concretely the change of orientation of the 3 space when the singularity is crossed. Infact all the physic interpretation of evolution throught the singularity is a chalenge.

    For example it seemengly opens the issue of aparence of naked singularitys. If so, where do they appear?
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