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Bolt dimensions In plate bending

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    I have this plate, and as you can see it has 4 bolt connections and no other. When applying the load bending will occur in the plate. I am interested in making the diameter of bolt as small as possible. My problem is though that I only can see the shear forces in the plate.

    How can I find the shear forces in the bolts ? (I guess these forces will be equal of the normal forces in the plate ??)

    I am familiar with estimating bolt dimensions using shear force, but I am looking for a way to find the shear stress in the bolts, when in this case the applied force is perpendicular to the plate, hence in same direction as the bolts ...

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    It is exactly that case I would like to calculate, but the thing is that I have to estimate the force P (from this example) from the force that I apply vertical on the plate (and not in the shear direction as in the example).
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