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Boltzmann's entropy/ Microcanonical Entropy

  1. Mar 28, 2013 #1
    Hey guys,
    i am reading something about entropy. :confused:
    And got a question.

    The boltzmann entropy is defined by:

    S=k\cdot \ln{W}

    [itex]W[/itex] is the number of microstates connected to an given macrostate.

    The entropy of the microcanonical ensemble(fixed given Energy) is defined by

    S=k \cdot \ln{\Omega}

    [itex]\Omega[/itex] is called the partition function and is also the number of microstates.

    Thus i don't understand the difference between the two definition.
    Is the microcanonical entropy a special case of the boltzmann entropy?

    Thanks a bunch!
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  3. May 31, 2013 #2


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    I'm pretty shure they're both the same.
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