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Book on Classical and Quantum Mechanics

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    Is there a mathematically rigorous book that covers both classical and quantum mechanics? If so, what is the book?
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    You're better off getting two seperate books.
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    Ballentine is excellent, but it should be your third book on QM, not your first. Griffiths and Isham are good choices for the first two books. However, if you want want to see every relevant theorem stated and proved, you need to study some measure/integration theory and then functional analysis (e.g. Kreyszig or Sunder). After that, I suggest Strocchi.
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    How mathematically rigorous?

    Classical Mechanics
    Introductory: Mechanics: From Newton's Laws to Deterministic Chaos-Scheck
    More advanced: Introduction to Mechanics and Symmetry- J.E. Marsden
    Foundations of Mechanics- J.E. Marsden

    Quantum Mechanics
    Ballentine, as others mentioned
    Introductory Quantum Mechanics-Liboff
    Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics-Neumann

    EDIT: Liboff is considered an introductory text but a much superior one than, let's say, Griffiths.
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