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Intro Physics Books like Serway for physics and mechanics

  1. Oct 26, 2015 #1
    Hi there,
    I'm a first-year student in faculty of engineering in Cairo, and I was looking for good books I can find to study physics from, I already have Serway and i'm very pleased with it but I need more books to get more questions from it and ideas, it would be very great if anyone can tell me about other books in mechanics or any book for statics I study general subjects from both branches so its better if there would be a book that explains generally. thanks in advance.
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    This has been asked many times. A quick search will yield many results.
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    please can you just tell me names ? I cant find what I need, some books are specified in certain branch of physics or mechanics
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    I used Matter and Interactions for my introductory mechanics and EM. I studied out of Fundamentals of Physics for a year before I entered university. Both work just fine if you know calculus.
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    For some of your engineering classes, there is an author called Warthog( I believe), this author thought at MIT back in the day and wrote a few books. My friend studies from these books and he swears by them. I practice the first few chapters of his mechanics book, and it was well written and thought provoking.
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