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A Books on Covariant formulation of Electrodynamics

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    I am an undergraduate currently enrolled in a course on theoretical physics. One big part of the course is on the classical field theory of electromagnetism(on its covariant formulation using Lagrangians mostly).
    So, I would like to ask which are some good books on the subject.
    Thanks in advance!
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    @vanhees71 do you have some good recommendations that you use for your classes?
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    Please note that I tried Greiner's EM book which contains a chapter on the covariant approach but we are using a lot more the field theory approach with Lagrangians and four vectors..
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    There is, of course, Landau&Lifshitz vol. II (Classical Field Theory), containing classical electrodynamics and general relativity. This volume concentrates on "microscopic electrodynamics". Electrodynamics in matter is treated in vol. VIII, which is also a masterpiece.

    A even more modern approach, using the action principle for field theories, the idea of local gauge symmetries, etc. is vol. II of Scheck's theory-book series:

    F. Scheck, Classical Field Theory, Springer-Verlag 2012
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